October 1, 2020

Sitter Shoots – Why They’re the Best!


So you’ve had your newborn photos taken and you’re thinking, what’s next? Or maybe you missed out on that newborn stage but you’re still desperate to capture some gorgeous photos of your little one?

You don’t have to wait long! The next best age for capturing your little one is when they are 8 months old. Studio photoshoots at this stage are called ‘Sitter Shoots’, simply because it’s the time when your little one can sit up unaided, but they’re often not walking or crawling yet. If they are on the move, that’s no problem at all! With my natural style of photography, we’ll capture some gorgeous photos of their tiny toes, giggly smiles and chunky thighs! Sitter shoots are perfect for babies anywhere between 7-10 months old.

Older baby sessions are one of my favourites, as there is just so much laughter! We get out all the wooden toys at the studio, have a dig through my extensive baby wardrobe and throw some bubbles into the mix.

There are so many new things your baby will be doing at this age that are so lovely to capture:

  • Exploring – whether they can move around or not, their curious natures are just wonderful

  • Learning to clap, oh what fun it is!

  • Laughing at their parents being silly!

  • Zooming around the room in Dadas arms

  • Playing with their tummy and toes – it’s fascinating having a body, you know!

At a Sitter Session, we also capture a range of family photos – snuggles with Mama, giggles with Dada and vice versa! Even better if they have a fur-sibling that wants to come along too! Everyone is welcome.

So, when should we book?

As soon as possible! My diary can fill up between 3-6 months in advance, so it’s really important to book in as soon as you can once your little one arrives.

All shoot dates and times are flexible. If we book a date in and then a month before you realise it coincides with your baby’s current nap time, don’t stress! We’ll simply adjust the date/time as needed.

Effie Thomas 8 months 75.jpg