August 12, 2020

8 habits to introduce for better sleep


I don’t know about you but I frequently struggle with switching my mind off in the evenings and getting to sleep.

Over on my Instagram page, I asked for your best tips and tricks to help aid getting to sleep. I was overwhelmed with all the different variety of things to try! So I put them all together here for myself to look back upon, and also for anyone else struggling with a similar issue.


Listen – I received an amazing selection of things you can listen to that’ll (hopefully) have you drifting off in no time! Apps like Calm were super popular. Along with audio books (Harry Potter in particular), music, Headspace Sleepcasts, Yoga Nidra, Glenn Harold Sleep Meditation and finally Delta Sleep System by Jeffrey Thompson. I feel like there is probably something in that list for everyone.


A tip I didn’t know about, was that Spotify has its own sleep timer. You can set it to 30 mins (or whatever works for you) and won’t have to worry about missing your entire audio book.

Exercise – No heavy exercise in the evening, but definitely something in the day. Or maybe something calm like yoga or an evening walk before bed.

Remedies – Magnesium spray (the benefits of this look great!). Temple spa aromatherapy night cream. Neal’s Yard remedies to roll on your wrists and This Works pillow spray. Who doesn’t love a good pillow spray?!

Reading and putting pen to paper – Reading, always a good intial ‘go to’. Colouring in, or recap on your highlights of the day. You could even get ahead of yourself and write your do list for the next day.  

Baths – Hot bath, salts and fresh pjs, always!

Myla Rose Wilson 12 days 8.jpg

Reflection – A nice chat and reflection of the day with your partner.

Phone – Leave it downstairs, can be easier said than done, a tough one for so many!

Drink – For all the tea drinkers, Chamomile tea.

I have personally been using a pillow spray and listening to Harry Potter audio books on a timer which have worked amazingly.

If you do try any of these, and find that it works a dream (pun intended) I’d love to hear!

SB x