August 31, 2020

Finding your baby photographer in Bristol & North Somerset


So, you’re sifting through Google with one hand on your wriggling bump, whilst wondering who on earth should you book to capture your little one when they arrive.

How do you choose?

Well, Mama, I’m here to help! Here are some key things to consider when booking your baby photoshoot:

Are you looking for posed photographs, or something more natural?

If you’d like a photo of you all looking at the camera and smiling, look for a photographer than specialises in posed photography. They will tell you how to stand, where to look and position your baby in a range of different themed set ups.

Personally, I prefer a more natural style of photography. During my sessions I prompt you to act as you normally would with your little ones – breathe in their gorgeous newborn smell, have some tickle time or see who can pop all of the bubbles first! By recreating scenarios that are familiar to your daily life, I am able to capture genuine, real photos of you all that tell the story of your wonderful family.

Where would you like it to take place?

At your home, in a studio or outdoors? If you’re looking for a newborn shoot, ideally you’d like it to take place indoors where it’s cosy and warm, so your little one feels super comfortable. For maternity or family sessions with babies older than one, outdoors can be a wonderful option too!

There are lots of photographers out there who either have their own dedicated space, shoot outdoors or will come to your home.

Where are they based?

For maternity and family photoshoots, I often have clients who travel up to 3 hours to come to my studio for photoshoots!

However, for newborns in particular this often isn’t possible, as it’s not recommended to have them in the car for hours and hours when they’re so tiny and new.

This is why it’s good to check where a photographer is based. See if they are accessible to you, and if you can get to them easily with a baby in tow.

If you’d like to hear more about how I can capture your photography, let’s have a chat! Pop me a message and I’ll get back to you with all of the details really soon.

so much love,

SB x