March 24, 2021

Photo Albums – Why you need them


We live in an age where everything is stored digitally. Whether it be on our phones, our laptops or our tablets. Gone are the days when Mum or Dad would pull out the disposable camera, wind it up, snap, and hope for the best! Only seeing the outcome when the images were developed at your local photo printing shop a week later! A majority of the collection blurred, eyes shut or no flash.

No matter how dated that process is to us now, they still appear in our minds as such fond memories – I know they do for me. Why? Because those images became real. Family members and friends would visit, then out came all the photos from your most recent holiday to be passed around and memories shared.

Skylar Rain 8 months 89.jpg

My point is, I can almost guarantee that you can still find that album to pull out today and flick through with your little people, sharing the memories and stories of your childhood. Laughing at the questionable outfits and embarrassing hairstyles you were forced to endure.

Now, with everything being digital, we are left with thousands (literally thousands!) of images on our phones. Photos you took of that extra special occasion are now lost amongst screenshots of the perfect interior for your living room. How does anyone find the time to scroll back amongst that many images to find the ones that mean the most?

This is exactly why I am so passionate about printing your photos and displaying them in beautiful albums. By having the same style album for each stage of your family journey, they can be beautifully displayed in your home – styled perfectly on a shelf like those living room inspiration screenshots you’ve saved!

If you invest in having a shoot done with your family, I couldn’t shout louder about having your professionally taken images printed and kept in an album. Why would you pay to capture those super special memories, to then only be stored on your computer or usb stick?

Skylar Rain 8 months 94.jpg

If you’re looking for that unique album with a slightly higher budget, there’s no question than to go through a photographer. However, if your budget is slightly lower, there are gorgeous ones available online to display those unforgettable memories.

I’d love to hear, do you keep your images digitally, or print and keep in albums to look back on occasionally?

So much love,

SB x